Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not, these packages can be tailored to suit the level of knowledge and experience you have.

Yes. These packages are designed to give you as much hands on flying as you can handle.

No, you can do any flight package without any prior experience.

Yes you will. Our instructors will tailor the briefing and flight to suit your level of skill. We can cater for the completely inexperienced right through to professional pilots.

Generally it is one-on-one, however you may have up to two other observers or passengers watching you at no extra cost. If you want to book for (say) a small group of six people then you would be best to book a session of 90 minutes or more.  The instructor can then rotate the pilots and observers and set some challenges for some form of competition or evaluation.

Yes you can. There is seating for two extra people to join you during your flight. There is no extra charge for this.

From our experience 8 years of age is best. Of course there is no maximum age.

Gift vouchers expire 12 months* after purchase. Depending on the voucher, extensions may be possible although these could come at extra cost. Call us for more information.

Yes it is. If you or the person you’re buying this voucher for has an issue with being in a confined space, please call your local store and visit the simulator prior to purchasing a voucher.

Yes it does; our simulators have been certified by a number of Civil Aviation Authorities around the world. Our simulators have been approved for various levels of training in the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand.

Our simulator is a fixed base device. However the immersion experience combined with the fidelity of visuals, sound and vibration give you an amazing sensory experience. Many customers express the feeling of movement while in the experiences.

You will receive a Flight Experience voucher, in the form of an online confirmation. This will be emailed to you or your nominated recipient. The voucher confirms the flight package which has been purchased, but does not include a confirmed date and time for the flight. You can book a date and time when you purchase the voucher or at any later date before the voucher expires. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, when you purchase online you can choose a date and time you wish to fly.  

Yes, and its easy! when you go to book in your pre-purchased experience, all you have to do is select the experience you actually want and it will simply ask you to pay the difference after adding in your voucher code.