Simulator Hire For Private, Commercial & Airline Pilots

Flight Experience is, without doubt, the most cost-effective way of maintaining currency when it comes to jet and two-pilot crew training. For more detail on your needs, certification and relevance to your level of training speak to us.

Flight Experience Christchurch can be operated with an instructor or alternatively one (or two) pilots, with our approval, can operate the simulator on their own.

1x 60 minute session: $99
Prepay 4x 60 min sessions: $350
B737 Airline Training Captain: +$90/hr
For each extra pilot: +$20/hr

You will require an FSI present with you during your first session or if you would like further training. You can divide costs between pilots, you can have up to three pilots present in the simulator at once. Once you are comfortable with the simulator, you can book in for as low as $100/hr.

Airline Interview Preparation

For commercial pilots preparing for their airline interview and simulator assessment.

The demand for Airline Pilots will return, so now is the time to get ready by establishing goals, timelines and a pathway. Our Training Captains will prepare you for that big day - it may be weeks or years away but either way today is not too early to make the phone call.

Our Airline Prep packages are designed to assist pilots prepare for airline simulator assessments. We have airline-specific simulator assessment profiles, resources and the personnel to assist with the techniques necessary to prepare you for that important career move. You may be a high school student that wants some inspiration and information for yourself and or your parents or you may already be employed in the industry. Our personnel have decades of pilot recruitment, pilot training and pilot management experience. More than anything, our team are passionate about what they do and are keen, willing and able to help you achieve your goals.

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