Airline Prep - 60 Minutes

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Ace your airline simulator assessment.

This session is designed as a follow up for our other airline prep sessions, or for pilots with extensive commercial simulator experience. 60 minutes is about enough time to run through a standard airline profile once with a couple of approaches. if you have not done this before, or come from GA or recent CPL/IR training, we recommended one of the longer sessions.

This 60 minute session is run by one of our advanced instructors, each with many years of experience in the 737 simulator as well as running these courses. We have developed a training method which has been proven year on year to give you a massive leg up in these assessments. 

The session is tailored to your level of ability as well as the specific airline you are going for. Our instructors have experience in many different airlines, regardless of the simulator type it will be conducted in, we can help. 

Don't waste your opportunity to impress and to land your dream job. And don't waste your money on sub-par simulators and in-experienced instructors. We guarantee you will walk away from our sessions feeling more experienced and confident about your upcoming assessment.

If you would like to talk to one of our advanced instructors before purchasing, please feel free to call us.

If you purchase the session online you will need to call us to confirm a time, as we need to ensure you are with the right instructor. We are happy to discuss sessions run after hours if needed.